The Portable Kettlebell (PKB) is easy to pack, easy to fill and offers a great kettlebell workout wherever you are.


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What is the Portable Kettlebell?

PKB vs. Iron kettlebell

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Product Reviews

  • "The PKB is very well constructed and most importantly to us, very light!"

    CPT William Shields, U.S. Army

  • "Cool product and great idea!"

    Greg Amundson, founder of CrossFit Goal Setting and former owner of the world's first CrossFit gym.

  • "I was able to fit 50lbs of pebble and sand and it feels like an 80lb metal kettlebell! It is a more difficult workout because it's not rigid. I'm buying a few more!"

    Hank Segura, NM

  • "I love to take my PKB Sandbag with me to the beach. People always stop to ask about it - it provides an incredible workout on the go!!!"

    Gabrielle Lynas, San Diego

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