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At home...

Safe on you & your floors.

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“I love my 15lb PKB! Working out at my house is my routine and I love having something that is easy to use, doesn’t take up room and doesn’t hurt my floors!” 
– Lyndsey, Denver, CO

On the road...

Easy to pack and travels light.

Get one for the road

"I love to take my PKB with me to the beach and on trips. People always stop to ask about it - it provides an incredible workout on the go!!!"


- Gabrielle, San Diego, CA

In the gym...

Your most versatile tool.

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“As a trainer, having a training tool that can be used both inside and outside at bootcamps gives me everything I need.”
-Chris, Camp Gladiator, Denver, CO

And outdoors...

Weight Adjustable for any workout.

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