Portable Kettlebells
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train anywhere using sand or water weight.

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At home...

Safe on you & your floors.

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“I love my 15lb PKB! Working out at my house is my routine and I love having something that is easy to use, doesn’t take up room and doesn’t hurt my floors!” 
– Lyndsey, Denver, CO

On the road...

Easy to pack and travels light.

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"I love to take my PKB with me to the beach and on trips. People always stop to ask about it - it provides an incredible workout on the go!!!"


- Gabrielle, San Diego, CA

In the gym...

Your most versatile tool.

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“As a trainer, having a training tool that can be used both inside and outside at bootcamps gives me everything I need.”
-Chris, Camp Gladiator, Denver, CO

And outdoors...

Weight Adjustable for any workout.

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